Nguyen Tri-Dung Can Be At Your Service For :

Tour guide & Interpreter and Lecturer

A - Presentation:
I am to brief in 30 min. up to 8 hrs. on Vietnam-related topics

Vietnam war history
 The French period, Geneva accord partitioning the country, The war, Political trends in NVN & SVN, milestones from 1954 to 1975, War causes & aftermaths…

Vietnam development
Social changes from 1945 – now, Open-door policy in 1986, Economy, Investment...

Vietnam present-day society
Education, Health care, Per capita income, The free market economic mechanism,...

Vietnamese lifestyles & ways of thinking
Vietnamese family structure, customs, lifestyles of the young and elderly, generation gaps,…

B - Tour guide :
Best service in terms of providing updated information and services. My seniority and long year duty term as a guide assures clients’ travel satisfaction.

The above-mentioned content of presentation, wholly or partially, plus the explanation of what you see is what you hear is the information reported by me. 


    Saigon Touring

    Standard tours:
    1. City tour
    City tour is a standard tour but more than that, I’ll give you the depth of the places. Every stop is a different story, true and unique. Born and brought up in Saigon, I can even tell you the events on every road intersection or the occupants of big buildings which all belong to the history 40, 50 years ago. I can show you value of the quietness found in alleys hidden behind the boisterous climate of the city. I can show you so many aspects of city life; many of them are in paradox but existing to make the spirit of Saigon, the melting pot.

    Central post office

    Notre Dame

    Reunification palace

    Thien Hau temple

    War remnants museum

    View from top of Reunification palace

    2. Cuchi tunnels
    On an excursion to Cuchi tunnels I am to brief on the background and, more specially, the stories of agonizing periods for people and soldiers on both sides during the war.
    The town of dusk and dawn differentiation, the border bridge, my years of English teaching to boys & girls who had no Sundays, changes from war time to free market economic mechanism … are just among my reports.
    And, on the way back to town I’ll present to you milestones of the war from 1954 to 1975, the causes and the aftermaths, the glory and sufferings, the conclusions from war, the rebuilding of the nation and also, I’ll free you from all worries or doubts about Vietnam war.

    On the way to Cuchi

    Diagram of tunnels’ web

    A war witness

    Guerilla’s field hospital

    Countryside now at peace

    Panting but excited after the crawl

    3. My Tho
    Mekong Delta gives us the greeness of rice fields and the freshness of fruits & fishes. After 75 km from Saigon or 90 minutes by car from Saigon, we have a range of activities. Boat ride, stroll in the orchard garden, farm house visit, sampan ride, lunch with elephant-ear fish rolled in rice paper just in one day. You enjoy now and you'll miss it, the simplicity and sweetness of the countryside.

    Monkey bridge02
    Monkey bridge

    School girls

    Orchard garden
    Orchard garden

    Opening to enjoyment
    Opening to enjoyment

    Dragon fruit tree
    Dragon fruit tree

    Tropical fruits
    Tropical fruits

    Cuchi – Tay Ninh
    After such a visit to Cu Chi, you can drive along the road to Cambodia and turn to find a very fine architecture of Caodai grand Temple. Let's see how the place could take many photos from the visitors just in 45 minute stay







    Your reading is for today and future reference. Thank you!
    Saigon Touring 2005



    Friday, October 07, 2005