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Thank you for visiting Saigon Touring web site. This is my personal effort to participate in providing some aspects of my country and its history.

In Vietnam history, I collect more than one hundred pages showing the readers milestones of Vietnam from the founding period to nowadays.

In Saigon updates, you might be pleased to know what’s going on in Saigon.

In Photo library, there are hundreds of pictures of every side of life in Vietnam.

In Services, there are good possibilities which are useful for your reference.

Nguyen Tri-Dung


For a consideration on visiting Vietnam, I, with the work experience of over 17 years, should be the travel adviser and tour guide for you.

Why ?
From me, you’ll get fully interesting and helpful travel information and advices. Especially, if you are interested in VN history, VN war history, and/or present-day life activities, I’m exactly the right man. Briefing on 1945 – 1975 period, for example, will provide so much info. about the country, the people and the destinies in one of the longest conflicts of present-day world.

Book me through your travel agent and you’ll have me, senior, most considerate, tactful, helpful and informative who makes your trip ever easy and enjoyable. My highest achievement as a tour guide, being selected to escort US President Clinton’s daughter on the City Tour in HCMC Sunday Nov. 19th, 2000, could be referred as a proof of quality.

I can work for you on an excursion to Cu Chi tunnels, or a day’s tour to Mekong delta or I can show you to all four tourist zones of Vietnam : Hanoi – Halong bay, Hue-Danang- Nha Trang, Central highlands, or Saigon – Mekong Delta .

This is a webpage for American tourists and vets who need to make a visit or comeback to the country which by the 60s and 70s topped the list of concerns.

This is a webpage for those tourists who need to have enjoyment not only from sightseeing, music, food, relaxation but also from deep understanding of Vietnam’s history, culture, lifestyles…

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Monday, October 24, 2005